King of Flash White Mobile Phone Foldable Folding Wall Hanger Plug Socket Charger Holder Cable Organiser Wrap Compatible with Smartphones Upto 5″ Inches

King of Flash White Mobile Phone Foldable Folding Wall Hanger Plug Socket Charger Holder Cable Organiser Wrap Compatible with Smartphones Upto 5
  • KEEPS DEVICE OFF THE FLOOR – No more worries about clumsy people stepping on your phone. This wall charger holder safeguards your phone as it juices up.
  • NO MORE MESSY CABLES – Cables have a way of tangling all on their own. With this foldable wall charger holder, you can save yourself from all the trouble of untangling cables. Plus, it prevents your charging area from looking like a mess.
  • PERFECT FOR KITCHEN USE – Now you can set up that groovy music in the kitchen while your phone charges. It frees up space in your kitchen and keeps your device safe from spills and dirty surfaces.
  • LIGHT AND SIMPLE – Bulky and heavy power banks take up a lot of space. This charger holder is made of good plastic and rubber mix, making it an ideal partner for your travels and your bag.
  • COMPATIBLE TO MOST PHONE DEVICES – From your iPhone and Samsung to HTC, Windows and more, the charger holder is a snug fit for just about any device.

Your Charging Experience Just Got A Whole Lot Safer!

Imagine: You’re in the airport and your phone is about to run of out juice. You rush to the nearest outlet, plug in your device and stay beside it like a Queen’s Guard – only to be stepped on by a passerby.
Yes, charging your phone does pose certain struggles. Fret no more because this Wall Charger Holder is the answer to your prayers!

Easy Plug and Snug
This foldable adapter hanger is a no-brainer to use. Simply position it against the wall, plug your charger and snug your phone right on top. Now, you don’t have to constantly worry about someone stepping on your phone.

Say Goodbye to Cable Clutter
We can all agree that cables have a mind of their own. They coil up too easily, which makes for a troublesome mess. Well, this wall charger holder makes all your problems go away as it secures your charger cable in place, keeping your area tidy and tangle-free.

Take It With You Wherever You Go
Can’t seem to keep away from your phone even if you’re cooking? Place this folding charger holder against the wall. It prevents your phone from getting in contact with spills and other dirty, sticky surfaces.

Portable and Lightweight
Made of a durable plastic and rubber mix, the this charger cradler is very lightweight and easy to carry everywhere. It takes up far less space than those bulky and heavy power banks that makes your bag a burden to bring.
Careless charging can lead to a badly beaten up phone. For a very low price, you can now elevate your charging experience to a whole new, safer level – thanks to this awesome Wall Charger Holder.

Compatible with:
Samsung Galaxy S3/S3Mini/S4/S4Mini/S5/S5Mini
Apple iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/6/6S
Sony Xperia Z1/Z2/Z3/Z5
Many Other Compatible Smartphones Upto 5″*


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