Top 5 Tips to Take Better Pictures on the Android Smartphone

If you are opting for an outdoor camping journey with your buddies, then you need not carry any large digital electronic cameras with you. With improvements in technology our mobile phones now have great electronic cameras. This gets rid of the need for a pricey DSLR, which is better suited for expert photography. Nonetheless, you might be surprised by the remarkable photos that smartphone cams can capture.

But simply having a cam with the greatest megapixels isn’t really enough as you also need to know some basic tricks of photography. A built-in cam app on a lot of Android phones are filled with some functions which are found in professional video cameras. Let us find out how these features can be utilized to take expert pictures from your Android smartphone cameras.

1. Usage different photo modes for various images. The preloaded cam app on your Android phone comes filled with some different image modes you can pick them according to the image you are taking. If you are clicking a photo of a person you can pick portrait mode it will assist to keep focus lock on the face. E.g. If you are taking a photo of a landscapes or view you can easily use landscape mode and so on.

2. Use burst mode: You will find this feature in the majority of the smartphones’ cameras. We typically attempt to take image of the things which simply occurs for a second such as fireworks, raindrops falling on leaves and so on. You will miss these shots if you just postpone by one nanosecond here burst mode can assist you. Whenever you desire to click a photo like this you should push and hold the shutter button (click button) on your camera it will continually take shots for a few seconds, you will have the ability to choose the best pics later on.

3. Avoid utilizing optical zoom: Optical zoom is offered in all the Android default camera apps. You can focus by pushing volume up or using two figures (pinch zoom). Actually, you ought to prevent utilizing optical zoom because it crops the image to the item you are zooming in and you can not zoom out if you find pixels are getting harmed. So it is constantly better to take the image without zooming in if you still desire to enlarge a particular object you can crop the image once it is in your gallery.

4. Use HDR Mode: In a few of the current smartphones with flash, you will discover the automated mode of HDR. HDR basically works when you are unable to see the initial colors in the picture because you are shooting against the light. When HDR is turned on your smart device cam it takes 3-4 different photos of a single item with different light shifts and lastly, combine all these images to provide you the last image with much better color quality than the initial image. So if you are shooting against the light you must make certain that HDR is turned on or on automated mode. In some Android mobile phones you can keep both the images HDR and normal so that in case you find the Normal image much better you can go all out.

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